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Welcome to my little slice of the internet. I'm glad you're here. 

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"Whitetail Deer" 24"x18" oiled linen canvas
"Whitetail Deer" 24"x18" oiled linen canvas
Original work and limited prints available starting at $51

Whitetail Deer by Rayfel Bell aka, R.Zumar is available on over 100 products in my portfolio at

Specifically created for by one of the top fineart canvas manufacturers in the country, all of my Giclee prints are masterfully reproduced on beautiful Satin Canvas that is a OBA free, neutral white water resistant, composed of a luxurious poly/cotton blend, giving it a uniform low glare finish. This material has superior color brilliance and image definition. Additionally, my work is mounted and stretched across premium, high quality wood stretcher bars, dried to reduce warping and cracking.

How are you? I'm glad that we could straighten everything out and move forward. Her are the three domain names you asked for. RZumar, R.Zumar, or RZumarBell. I would rather use RZumar or R.Zumar cause that's my pseudonym when doing art and how I sign all my pieces. I'll be sending you the money asap for that.
Her are the names and dimensions of the two pieces I sent to you. The one with the white tail deer in front of the waterfall is called Whitetail Deer, it's 24x18 on oiled linen canvas, $630. The other with the deer in the tall grass is called, Golden Meadows, it's 27x18 on oiled linen canvas, $675. All of my originals have my full name, the date and time it was finished, and the name of the piece on the back of them. Also you can email Wendy Jason at: about sending pictures of my work to you and how to do that and at the same time I mail this email to you I will also get her to contact you at the new named website and give her the link to the videos of photography you sent me. I gave her the old website before I knew about the name change cause she likes to know who she was going to be sending my artwork to but now she can just send pics. It usually takes a week or so for me to hear back from her and she'll be sending you pics of more of my works once we get that connection settled.
I remember you said something about a dedicated website before. How would that work and what would it run me. That's my ultimate goal anyway and would rather deal with you than go searching elsewhere.
Well it's time for me to go. Until next time. Take care, be safe and have a beautiful